Have you encountered a veteran who is finding the transition to civilian life problematic?

When should you contact us?

Stepway is here to help any veteran that you may encounter who is finding civilian life to be problematic.

  • Are you a prison welfare officer or work within a prison and you are concerned about a client that is due for release and do not know if they will be able to cope on the outside?
  • Are you a police officer and you are concerned about a veteran who is a repeat offender and presently in police custody?
  • Do you work within the British armed forces as a resettlement officer or at Future Horizons for Early Service Leavers (ESL)? Are you concerned about your client’s mental wellbeing and how the transition back into civilian street is going to affect them?
  • Do you work within the social sector and have encountered a homeless veteran who may need some extra support in adapting back into their community?

We are here to bridge that gap, please refer or encourage them to self-refer by supplying them with one of our leaflets or to refer them directly to our help for veterans page.

Questions the veteran may ask you.

Is this 7-step program voluntary?

Yes, it is! And more to the point, it is free and informal. We have an open-door policy and will arrange a meeting within 24 hours from receiving your referral or call.

Is Stepway part of the Criminal Justice system?

No! we are an independent body who are solely here to improve your mental and social wellbeing. We accept referrals from all different organisations who encounter veterans who may be struggling with adaption.

How long is the program for?

The program will be run over a 12-month period. In-between these courses we will be on hand to support you with signposting, advice or if you just want to pop in for a chat. Once the course is over, you will have the opportunity to train as a mentor to help other veterans. Alternately, the door will be left open for you to come back for any additional support you may need in the future.