Together, we will get through this!

The coronavirus pandemic has changed life for everyone, but some Veterans with poor mental health are among the hardest hit. STEPWAY is determined to be there during this crisis - but we can't do it without support.

The Drop-in Sessions have been suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, you can find us on where we can chat via messenger. We can give you the details about joining our 'WhatsApp group', Skype courses, mental well-being advice and how to find a Mentor to support you through this pandemic. WE ARE STILL HERE FOR YOU, EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!

STEPWAY is here to guide and support veterans, on their path to adapt back into civilian life.














Are you a veteran struggling with the adaptation to civilian life?

Stepway is here to help with adaption problems that you may be experiencing.

Our 7-step program will give you the opportunity to travel down a different path. This program will empower you to make a voluntary change. We endeavour to improve your mental well-being by enabling you to see a brighter future.

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Have you encountered a veteran who is finding the transition to civilian life problematic?

This could be from when they are leaving the armed forces, to those who are homeless, in police custody or on the point of leaving prison. We are here to make that transition back into civilian life less problematic.

We are here to bridge that gap, please refer or encourage them to self-refer.

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Our Mission

STEPWAY is a registered charity who will help veterans struggling with adaption, we are here to make that transition back into civilian life less problematic.
We take pride in knowing that veterans are getting the best possible support in their transition to civilian life. We support all Veterans no matter what their background is. Provide mental health support and a referral system in place to the NHS (TILS) programme. All Services, educational courses, employment skills, therapies and treatments are FREE!

Who are we?

We are a team of specialised individuals with a passion for ensuring that veterans get the best support possible to make the transition into civilian life to be less problematic.

Founded by Dawn Turner (B.A)

Co-Founded by Perminder (Bob) Kundi.


At StepWay we understand the difficulty that veterans can find themselves in when it comes to finances, and it is for that reason we place a heavy emphasis on ensuring all services and support is provided for FREE. As a charity that is self-funded we will never pester you for financial contributions, however we do kindly welcome donations no matter how big or small via our JustGiving donation link below. Such donations greatly facilitate an even quicker rate of growth with the predominant focal point being, the individual. Providing individualised and holistic support requires the need for an eclectic range of resources, networking, certification, approved professionals and much more. It is not uncommon to walk down the high street and see a representative asking for a monthly direct debit donation, and we understand the need for this, but at StepWay we give YOU the option as to whether you would like to donate. Also, donations do not have to always come in forms of financial contributions, equally, your support or time in an area of expertise you may be well versed in is just as WELCOME.